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We are now rated as an A+ company with the BBB!  It’s so exciting to see our hard work being recognized!

As you can imagine, getting strong reviews with the BBB and other rating sites such as Google can be difficult in this industry.  The nature of our business is that we are in the middle of two parties with vastly differing perspectives, and we’re passing quite a bit of money between them.  Even with streamlined systems and well trained policies and procedures it can be difficult (or impossible) to make everyone happy.

If you’re at all curious, search management companies across this city, or even across the nation.  What you’ll find is a LOT of folks with low BBB rates and low Google reviews.  Objectively, there are certainly some good companies with poor scores/reviews out there, but there are VERY FEW bad companies out there with great scores/reviews; particularly if they are members of the single family management association NARPM.

While we as agents to our property owners have a fiduciary responsibility to represent their best interest, we also have an obligation to practice fair and honest business as set out by the Realtor® ethical standards which we take very seriously.  We are also a company that recognizes that we are not perfect, and we constantly strive to improve the quality of our service.  We believe that these are a few of the reasons we have been able to secure such a strong BBB rating.

Thank you to all of our customers and clients for allowing us to show you the Dorman distinction!