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Property Management Software Update - FYI

What was Dorman Real Estate Management up to today you ask!?

We were attending a software review and update, hosted by our amazing software provider Appfolio!  We do this so that we can stay on the cutting edge of what is possible with our top tier management software, and in our business. 


1) Appfolio is doing a rework on the Owner Portal.  The objective in this rework is twofold.  First, they want the owner portal to be as accessible and user friendly as the current Tenant Portal is – meaning no more logging in to get an e-mail for portal/statement access.  Second, they are making it all much more mobile friendly, so that our owners can see what’s going on with their property on-the-go.


2) Text message updates and news alerts!  Very soon, Dorman will be able to mass text all tenants with important information.  Examples of this may be upcoming cold snap reminders to disconnect outside hoses, or even informative texts such as a news alert on our new Tenant HOW-TO video library.

Appfolio is also working on app based property inspections, simplifying the turnover maintenance process, and digital lease presentation and execution.  Long story short, they are a company that is always working diligently to improve.. much like us.  We are very proud to be able to offer such an excellent software with so many great options to our owner clients and to our tenant customers.  

Stay warm!